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Ushahidi Installathon

Thanks all to those who attended and participated in BelFOSS – especially Neil & the QUB team for doing so much. As always special thanks to the hardworking speakers and sponsors – Flax & Teal, Proofpoint, Forde-Campbell, Allstate and SpotX. For those who were interested in Ushahidi’s installathon from Eriol & David : more details […]

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BelFOSS 2019

We are making the final preparations for BelFOSS 2019 with a gang of volunteers ready to keep the hot water flowing and keep you safe and comfortable for the day. As usual we have crammed a lot of talks into the day so we will be ruthless with the timekeeping. We couldn’t bring you a […]

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Deloitte Digital on Blockchain

Deloitte Digital Publish Smart Identity Ethereum Code

At BelFOSS 2017 Ciaran Molloy and Jamie Bentham described the Smart Identity contract being developed at Deloitte Digital for the Ethereum blockchain. Jamie and Ciaran follwed up by letting us know the code has been released on GitHub under an Apache license. Smart Identity uses the Ethereum blockchain to represent an identity using a […]

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IDUG Conference Free Spark Day

The IDUG DB2 conference in Dublin is hosting a free day of Spark talks on  Tuesday, 17 November, 2015. The talks include the following: Apache Spark: What’s in It for Your Business? Apache Spark: What’s Under the Hood? Using Apache Spark With DB2 for z/OS and z Systems Data Apache Spark and DB2 BLU: Making […]

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Top Free & Open Source Desktop Software

A list of some of the best FOSS Desktop software for anyone who might be interested. Many of these also run on Windows and Mac OSX in addition to Gnu/Linux: Operating Systems Ubuntu Linux Mint Chromium OS Office Productivity LibreOffice OpenProj Raster Graphics Gimp Krita Vector Graphics Inkscape Video Editing Kdenlive OpenShot Animation Blender FOSS […]

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Previous Belfast FOSS Events

There has been several events in Belfast & Dublin over the past 10 years related to FOSS software, including: OpenIsland 2011 FOSS means Business in 2006 included Richard M. Stallman & Bruce Perens Enterprise Ireland’s – The Business Value of Open Source Software in 2010 included Mark Shuttleworth  

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