Open Data Coding Challenge Launch at BelFOSS 2018

LintolThe Project Lintol team will officially open the “Open Data Coding Challenge” at BelFOSS 2018 on the 16th March 2018. The aim of the Coding Challenge is to build processors for Lintol – the data validating tool. The Lintol processors will help solve real-world validating issues identified by government departments. Participants in the coding challenge will be able to choose from a list of issues, and build processors as creatively and innovatively as they choose.

The Project Lintol team will provide information sessions throughout the day at BelFOSS 2018 in the ‘First Derivatives’ room adjacent to the BelFOSS talks, so that people can start working on the the ODCC. Their information sessions will kick off with a breakfast session at 8.30am. The information sessions will provide the support to get students and enthusiasts started working on creating Lintol processors.

Helen from the Project Lintol team is also speaking about Lintol in the main lecture room at BelFOSS.

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