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Broken Key in Driver Door: How an Atlanta Automotive Locksmith Saved the Day

February 3rd, 2014

So I’m out with the guys having the time of my life in the city. We’re hitting the hottest bars and just doing what guys do. When the last call was finally announced I was ready to call it a night. I walk with my friends to their cars and watch them pull off before walking to mine. I stick the key into the driver side door and low and behold the key simply splits in half without even unlocking the door! I tried wriggling it out with everything I could think of with no luck. Once I realized that my spare keys were in the glove compartment I knew it was going to be a long night. I pulled out my cell phone and searched for a locksmith.

There When I Needed Them Most

Well I thought it would have been a long night waiting on the side of my car half asleep but much to my surprise they were there within the hour. He had already identified the make and model of my car so service went that much smoother.

Emergency Lockout Services

While I was waiting for him to get the key out of the door I thought I’d be there a while, but the techniques and tools that he used were so advanced that I was back in my car in no time at all.

Keys Made On the Spot

Not only did he get the broken key out of my driver side door, but he also made me a new key right on the spot! I thought I’d have to wait until morning to go and get a key made and would just use my spare to get home but he had everything on hand that he needed to make me a new set of keys!

Affordable Rates

So once the locksmith finished the job he gave me the invoice. I guess I expected to pay a ton of money considering the fact that I had requested his services at two in the morning, but surprisingly enough I was able to pay it with no problems at all.

So even though my wild story of hanging out with the guys turned into this disaster emergency lockout, I was still able to locate a reputable Atlanta automotive locksmith who easily got me into my car, replaced my broken key, and provided me with a spare set. Since the story could have ended a lot worse (stuck sleeping on the roof of my car until help arrived the next day), I guess all I can say is I’m glad that there are reliable professionals that can service you whenever you need them most.


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